Fondue Fourme d’Ambert AOP

Ingredients for 4 Food Lovers:

  • 500 g Fourme d’Ambert AOP La Réserve des Crémiers
  • 200 g single cream
  • 400 g wild mushrooms
  • 60 g butter
  • 2 shallots
  • ½ bunch parsley
  • Fine salt, freshly ground pepper

    Cut the Fourme d’Ambert AOP into large cubes and put in a pan. Add the cream and warm over a very low heat. Stir from time to time to prevent the cheese from sticking to the bottom of the pan.

    In the meantime, clean the mushrooms and fry in hot butter. When they start to brown, add the peeled, finely chopped shallots and chopped parsley.

    Season with fine salt and freshly ground pepper.

    Pour half of the mushroom mixture into the melted cheese and mix well.

    Pour the cheese mixture into a fondue pot or into the hollowed-out cheese and serve hot with chunks of bread, the rest of the mushrooms and a few raw mushrooms.

    Tips and Ideas from Fromi:

    For this recipe, you can use any seasonal mushrooms, and flavour your fondue with a dash of white wine or Armagnac.

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