Our Products

We aim to bring you speciality food that you can't find in supermarkets, bought from small producers and family businesses where traditional methods are used to obtain a high quality product.  

Our Cheeses

We have about 140 different types of soft and hard cheeses, ranging from Brie, Camembert, Blue, to Tome, Parmesan, Pecorino - all of which are sourced from over 10 countries: France, Italy, Spain, UK, Austria, Holland, Norway, Croatia, Greece, Germany, and Switzerland. Some of our artisan cheeses are made ‘naturally’ and not mass produced thus ensuring a better quality offered at the best possible price.

Our Cold Meats

Our wide assortment of cured meats, hams, salamis, patés and sausages come from Italy, Austria and Spain. Many varieties are made without any food preservatives, by using natural ingredients.  

Our Wines

Our repertoire of crisp white varietals and full bodied reds includes wines from local producers, as well as from Italy, France, Spain and Germany.  We also offer ‘new world’ wines in particular from Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand.  These are often described as tasting riper, fruitier and having less acidity.  

Our Sparkling Selection

We have a selection of various sparkling wines to suit all budgets. Top of the range is of course Champagne, Rosé and Brut.  For a more affordable and exquisite option, try the Crémant de Loire, a dry sparkling wine made in the ‘méthode champenoise’.  Available in white and rosé, this is a very popular drink among our guests.  For those who prefer local sparkling wine, we stock Velseccho also made in the traditional method.

Our Spirits

We have one of the largest selections of ‘boutique’ Gins available in Graz which we source from small suppliers.  In addition, you will find aged Rums, top Scottish and Malt Whiskeys, Fine Cognac, 20 year aged Calvados and a number of premium brands.

Our Delicatessen Items

Delicious fresh pestos and organic pasta from Italy, exquisite orange marmalade from England, delightful wine ‘gelee’ and an endless variety of mustard from France, truffles and truffle based specialities from Italy and Spain in addition to jars of terrines, rillettes, and an assortment of olives are only some of the fine foods available at our boutique.  For those with a sweet tooth, we have a wide selection of biscotti, amaretti, cantucci and lebkuchen to choose from.

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